Essential updates on Indian regulation

In the dynamic world of chemical regulation in India, staying updated on the latest legislative changes is not just beneficial – it's essential for ensuring compliance and sustaining operations. This comprehensive webinar focuses into the India's chemical regulatory landscape, offering attendees an overview of the most recent developments that are shaping the industry.

It will provide an understanding on the recently introduced Indian Chemical Inventory, examining its implications, and detailing the registration process for chemicals within this inventory. The presentation will highlight key features of the inventory and provide a comprehensive overview of this portal, offering valuable insights into its operation and significance for stakeholders in the chemical industry.

 Furthermore, this webinar will focus on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and the Indian Chemical Management and Safety Rules (ICMSR). It aims to offer a comprehensive overview of both the BIS and ICMSR, discussing their implications and impacts on businesses and professionals within the chemical industry. 

Please note, if you cannot attend the live broadcast, you can still register for the webinar and receive a link to the slides and recording shortly afterwards. If you have any further questions, please contact Chemical Watch at