How to set up a regulatory compliance and product stewardship team for the chemical and related industries

Regulatory compliance has become a growing challenge for the chemical and related industries. It is so much more than simply checking the rules and regulations. Some limited formal training exists for compliance staff. However, this training attempts to get some of the basics integrated into one condensed program, covering various aspects of this stimulating profession.

In a 3.5 + hour session, Leendert van Dijk, bringing over 30 years of experience in various compliance roles in the chemicals industry, will share his experience and learnings with you.

This training course should enable you to understand the critical aspects and opportunities of this challenging profession, where there is always something new to engage with.

By attending this training course, you will learn:

  • The importance of integrity
  • The importance of business aspects
  • The value of a team versus a group of people
  • The importance of working systematically
  • How challenging and interesting the job of ‘compliance’ actually is

Who should attend this course? 

  • Specialists in the regulatory compliance field
  • Technical staff working in regulatory compliance
  • Directors/managers in the product stewardship and regulatory (compliance) affairs field
  • Sales/marketing staff with a close relationship to compliance teams
  • Small, medium enterprises as well as people form multinational organizations
  • Those working in a company’s transition stage

Can't make the live time?  There will be a one hour live Q&A session on 8 November which will start at 8am EST to facilitate for those that cannot attend the live session.  You'll have your chance to ask Leendert your questions and have live responses.

Is this a key topic of interest for your business? We can run this training course exclusively for your organization, as a tailored learning experience. Email us at for more information.