Learn the fundamentals of toxicology

Toxicology is the cornerstone of risk assessment, and knowledge of this vast subject is essential for those dealing with compliance and regulations.

This 2-hour webinar, presented by expert toxicology trainer Laura Robinson, offers a unique opportunity to ground yourself in toxicological terms and concepts – an increasingly valuable knowledge asset to have in working in the global regulatory compliance scene. 

This introductory webinar is applicable to all global chemical control regulations and covers the principles of toxicology together with toxicological endpoints and an explanation of common terminology and will also look at the most-often used testting strategies within toxicology.

The material covered is suitable for those with little to no knowledge of toxicology, and attendees are actively encouraged to 'raise their hand' and put questions forward throughout the training – just as you would in a live classroom environment.

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Topics to be discussed include:

  • Risk, hazard and exposure;
  • The dose-response concept;
  • Acute and chronic toxicity;
  • Local effects (irritation and corrosion);
  • Systemic effects (target organ effects, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity, and developmental effects);
  • Chemical allergy (allergic contact dermatitis and respiratory sensitisers);
  • Toxicokinetics;
  • Human health risk assessment; and,
  • Assessment of toxicological effects.

Training resources included:

  • Expanded lecture notes complementing the live course modules and serving as a useful reference after the course.
  • Toxicology glossary containing a handy list of essential toxicology terms for your review.
  • Copy of all slides used during the training
  • Downloadable recording of the training event itself, for your personal review.

Who should attend

  • Regulatory affairs (for chemical registration work)
  • Authors and recipients of safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Anyone involved in classification and labelling in accordance with EU CLP/GHS
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Health and safety professionals
  • Product safety professionals
  • Those working in medicine or forensics
  • Occupational health
  • Toxicologists and ecotoxicologists
  • Laboratory staff
  • R&D staff with a limited chemistry background
  • Business managers involved in consortium meetings
  • Sales and marketing teams who would like to learn more about basic toxicology
  • Lawyers
  • Students looking to broaden their knowledge of toxicology

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