Product stewardship training webinar series

The product stewardship training series will provide an overview of hazard communication in the US. It will look at for industrial chemicals, chemicals in consumer products and chemicals in the workplace. These topics will be covered in three weekly webinars.

Part 1: Understanding Osha's HazCom 2012 and the classification of substances

9 June at 14:00 BST

In the first two hour webinar of the series, regulatory expert Kate Sullivan, toxicologist, knoell USA will present an overview of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (Osha’s) 2012 Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).

Kate will then explain the building blocks of classification and offer instruction on how to classify single substances for human health endpoints according to Osha’s criteria. Classification of mixtures is not covered in this module.

Part 2: An overview of US safety data sheets and workplace labels

16 June at 14:00 BST

In the second webinar in the series, regulatory expert Jeremy Long, regulatory scientist, knoell USA,  will detail Osha’s criteria for creating compliant safety data sheets (SDSs) and labels. During this two hour, Jeremy will look at all the required sections of an SDS and the elements that must be included on labels. 

Kate Sullivan will then join the session and compare SDS requirements in the US and the EU.

Part 3: North American consumer products regulations

23 June at 14:00 BST

The third and final webinar in the series will provide an overview of the regulatory information required to conduct a hazard assessment of consumer products for the purpose of developing labels that comply with US, Canadian and Mexican consumer laws.

During this hour-long training session, Jeremy Long will discuss the specific laws, regulations and guidance documents published by each jurisdiction on evaluating consumer products.  

After reviewing the specific hazards defined in each regulation, he will explain the criteria - including approved test methods - used to determine hazard categories.

Jeremy will conclude with discussion of the specific label information required on hazardous consumer products sold within the three countries.   

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Why attend the product stewardship training webinar series?

After listening to this training series, participants will:

  • have knowledge on the background and scope of the HCS;
  • understand how hazard communication has changed in the US;
  • be able to discern the required human health endpoints for the US when classifying a substance and have a working knowledge of what each means;
  • be able to classify human health endpoints for single substances in accordance with Osha standards.
  • understand the differences between Osha HCS and GHS for human health endpoints;
  • be able to identify the information required for HCS compliant SDSs and labels;
  • be able to identify the similarities and differences between US and EU SDSs; and
  • understand the required labelling elements and specifications for hazardous consumer products marketed in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Who should attend?

  • Health and safety professionals
  • Owner/operators of health and safety organisations
  • Product safety officers
  • Regulatory managers
  • Health safety coordinators and interns
  • Those responsible for authoring safety data sheets and hazardous product label

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