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  1. Presentation

    Regulatory scope

    • What Is a pesticide?
    • Pesticide types
    • Exclusions and exemptions

    Registration strategies

    • Considerations before action
    • Identifying and weighing options for different registration types
    • Negotiations

    Hot topics


    Registration requirements

    • Data production and key considerations
    • Citation and compensation
    • Confidential business information (CBI)

    Pesticide registration application

    • Preparing for registration
    • Building and submitting an application
    Lisa R. Burchi Lisa R. Burchi
    Of Counsel, Bergeson & Campbell, PC
    Meibao Zhuang Meibao Zhuang
    Senior Scientist, Bergeson & Campbell, PC
    Heather F Collins Heather F Collins
    MS, Regulatory Consultant, Bergeson & Campbell, PC
    Dana S Lateulere Dana S Lateulere
    Regulatory Consultant, Bergeson & Campbell, PC
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