**Note: timings are in CET**


    Moderator: Dave Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, UK

  3. Session 1: Overviews
  4. Welcome and introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  5. EU Commission overview

    Mario Nagtzaam Mario Nagtzaam
    Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium
  6. Echa overview

    Claudio Putzu Claudio Putzu
    Regulatory Officer, ECHA
  7. Challenges and opportunities of the BPR from an industry perspective

    • Progress and feedback
    • Impact of changing guidance and norms on biocidal actives and products
    • Review programme and innovations
    Andrea Wegner Andrea Wegner
    Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ecolab Deutschland GmbH
  8. Q&A and panel discussion

  9. Networking and break

  10. Session 2: The assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals under the BPR
  11. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  12. ED assessment of biocides: experiences so far

    • The ED assessment in the BPR process
    • The role of the ED expert group
    • Experiences so far and outlook
    Sander van der Linden Sander van der Linden
    Scientific Officer, ECHA
  13. Endocrine Guideline Optimisation (ERGO): Breaking down the wall between human health and environmental testing of endocrine disruptors

    Objectives are:

    • To improve identification and hazard assessment of EDCs 
    • to break down the wall between different research fields that investigate adverse effects of EDCs in different vertebrate classes
    • To demonstrate feasibility of extrapolating effects of EDCs from non-mammalian to mammalian vertebrates
    Henrik Holbech Henrik Holbech
    Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Department of Biology
  14. Endocrine disruptor screening assessment of co-formulants in biocidal products: First experiences and development of an IT tool

    • First experiences with ED assessments 
    • Development and use of EDScreener 
    • Other (regulatory) developments 
    • Conclusions and future outlook
    Sabine Navis Sabine Navis
    Project Scientist, ARCHE Consulting, Belgium
  15. Q&A and panel discussion

  16. Break and sponsor workshop

    Moderator: Henry Tipping, Publishing Manager, Chemical Watch

    Environmental Risk Assessment challenges under the BPR, with a focus on PT2 and PT21

    The wide spectrum of product types covered by the BPR means that the approach to environmental risk assessment must be modified in each case. There are general principles that can be applied for environmental risk assessments; however, the use patterns and treatment of environmental inputs must be tailored to each product type submission. This presentation will cover these basic approaches and focus on some of the specific adaptations necessary.

    Helen Pye Helen Pye
    Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Enviresearch
  17. Session 3: Efficacy updates
  18. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  19. Scope issues and guidance for PT11 and PT12 (only paper industry) efficacy

    • Background of the guidance
    • Structure of the guidance
    • Critical points
    • Next steps: PT12 guidance for oilfield area
    Yann Maximilien Yann Maximilien
    Deputy Head of Biocides Efficacy Unit, ANSES, France
  20. Emerging CEN methods and updates to ECHA EFF guidance

    • CEN basics
    • CEN working groups and norm structure
    • Upcoming CEN method developments
    • Interface of CEN norms and ECHA BPR EFF guidance
    • Structure of BPR EFF guidance
    • Updates to ECHA EFF guidance:
      • TAB updates
      • Appendix 4 updates
    Meredith Theelen Meredith Theelen
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ecolab, Netherlands
  21. Q&A and panel discussion

     including additional panellists 

    Daniela Romano Daniela Romano
    Senior Consultant for Biocidal Products, knoell Germany GmbH
    Fabien Rouessay Fabien Rouessay
    Regulatory Project Manager, Biocidal Products, Redebel Regulatory Affairs
  22. Take home messages

    Camelia Mihai Camelia Mihai
    Team Lead Biocides, Biocides For Europe, Cefic, Belgium
  23. End of day one