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    Moderator: Dave Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, UK

  3. Session 4: The product authorisation and active substance renewals processes
  4. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  5. Experiences in the rodenticides sector for renewals of active substances and products

    • PT14 from the BPD to the BPR
    • PT14 Anticoagulant rodenticides as a group
    • Experience from the first renewal of substances and products
    • Towards the next renewal
    Sara Lodini Sara Lodini
    Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Activa S.r.l, Italy
  6. Experiences with applying for Union Authorisation for a disinfectant family using the new guidance

    Geraldine Meunier Geraldine Meunier
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Bioxal-Schülke
  7. Q&A and panel discussion

  8. Break, networking and CW Demo

    Drive your business with indispensable compliance intelligence - Chemical Watch membership and platform demo

    Join us for a short presentation and demo about the Chemical Watch service

    Lauren True Lauren True
    Marketing Manager, Chemical Watch
  9. Session 5: How to optimise the registration process for applicants and authorities
  10. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  11. Member state experiences pre- and post-submission, and tips and tricks for applicants

    Cindy Van Der Meer Cindy Van Der Meer
    Account Manager Biocides, Ctgb, Netherlands
  12. Points of attention and suggestions for improvement during dossier preparation: Strategic and technical considerations during dossier preparation:

    • Impact of the Review Programme Regulation
    • Route to dossier submission
    • Issues with physico-chemical, efficacy and risk assessment
    Tineke de Wilde Tineke de Wilde
    Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Elements Advisory, Belgium
  13. Experiences with dossier preparation and post-submission stage

    Daniëlle van Corven-Kloosterman Daniëlle van Corven-Kloosterman
    Director Registration Team Europe, Diversey, a Solenis company
  14. Defending your product in Echa meetings as an applicant: how this can affect your authorisation

    • Active substance dossiers in working group meetings
    • Union authorisations in working group meetings
    • Notifications at Coordination Group meetings
    Lonne Gerritsen Lonne Gerritsen
    Expert Efficacy and Regulatory Affairs Biocides, Knoell NL B.V., Netherlands
  15. Consortia and the new BPF concept

    Nathalie Hanon Nathalie Hanon
    Executive Vice President & Head of Biocides, CEHTRA
  16. Q&A and panel discussion

  17. Networking and break

  18. Session 6: Emerging/horizontal issues
  19. Introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  20. Brexit updates

    Mario Nagtzaam Mario Nagtzaam
    Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium
  21. COVID-19: Perspective from the European manufacturers of cleaning, hygiene and disinfectant products

    Elodie Cazelle Elodie Cazelle
    Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, A.I.S.E.
  22. The new EU chemicals strategy roadmap for sustainability and biocides

    Paul Girard Paul Girard
    Sector Group and Advocacy Manager, Cefic
  23. Emerging legal issues

    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe International (UK) LLP
  24. Q&A and panel discussion

    including additional panellists:

    Andrea Wegner, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ecolab Deutschland GmbH, on behalf of A.I.S.E.
    Dorota Napierska Dorota Napierska
    Toxic-free Circular Economy Policy Officer, Zero Waste Europe (ZWE)
    Robin Temmerman Robin Temmerman
    CEO, Chrisal NV, Belgium
  25. Conclusion of conference

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