Through collaborative working, the Alliance is producing policy recommendations for harmonized substance reporting

The aim is to facilitate chemical compliance management for companies from every sector. In this free webinar, representatives from Proactive Alliance will give a summary of what has happened during the past year, share lessons learned and provide an outlook on what is planned for the future.
The webinar will cover:
  • an overview on the Proactive Alliance (PA) for a global substance reporting standard Mission & Goals;
  • insights into the Proactive Alliance work process - Policy Recommendations for harmonized reporting
  • a proposal for harmonized definition criteria for Substance Reporting Lists (SRL, any substances list to report against);
  • the harmonisation and development of existing formats as standards (IPC-175x & IEC 62474 etc.) for cross-sector interoperability; and
  • the synchronisation of substance reporting initiatives and convergence with a shared roadmap
  • Martin Fuehr, Professor for Public Law, Comparative Law and Legal Theory, sofia/Darmstadt University for Applied Sciences, Germany 
  • Jean-Pierre Theret, Materials Compliance Specialist. Dassault Systemes, France