1. Learning Outcomes

    Throughout this course, each module will cover the following:

    Module 1: General Overview of the Toxic Substances Control Act

    • An overview of the different sections of TSCA; and,
    • How the different sections fit together, providing a flow for the EPA to achieve its objectives under TSCA.

    Module 2: TSCA section 5 (Part 1): TSCA Chemical Inventory, Exemptions

    • Key statutory definitions;
    • The TSCA Inventory, and determinations; and,
    • Exemptions.

    Module 3: TSCA section 5 (Part 2): New Chemicals/New Use

    • Statutory requirements of what EPA has to do under the law;
    • What you should take into account when developing a submission;
    • Hints and tips for after you submit; and,
    • Preparing and submitting a notice.

    Module 4: Confidential Business Information (CBI)

    • A general overview of CBI in TSCA;
    • Substantiation;
    • Chemical Identity and how to protect it;
    • The limitations of CBI protection;
    • The processes for EPA to review CBI and disclose CBI if necessary;
    • Penalties for inappropriate CBI disclosure; and,
    • Hints and tips for proper CBI protection.