Insights into how the changes will affect safety data sheets

Under the EU’s REACH Regulation, hazardous chemicals manufactured in, or imported into, the EU must be accompanied by an SDS. Annex II to the Regulation describes how SDSs – which are used to provide detailed information on chemical substances and mixtures – should be compiled. Advances in scientific and technical knowledge about substances have led to many changes and adaptations to existing regulatory instruments. 

This webinar provided a detailed overview of these changes and how they will affect the requirements set out in the compilation of SDSs.

View the recording below:

Attendees of the webinar learnt about the:

  • specific requirements for nanoforms to be included in SDSs; 
  • new requirements for SDSs to take into account EU adoption of the UN’s 6th and 7th revised editions of the GHS;
  • specific requirements regarding unique formula identifiers (UFIs) in SDSs; and
  • specific requirements for SDSs with regard to substances and mixtures with endocrine disrupting properties.


Cristina Garcia is a member of Chemical Watch’s team of global regulatory analysts, where her work focuses on Europe and Latin America. Cristina previously worked in regulatory affairs and compliance management for multinational companies in the food contact materials and biocides sectors of the chemical industry. Cristina has a postgraduate degree in toxicology, and she is an expert on the transport of dangerous goods, as well as other regulatory and toxicology issues.

Miljan Minic is a regulatory analyst and consultant with vast knowledge and experience of global regulatory frameworks and GHS. Miljan has helped international companies achieve regulatory compliance in many different countries including in Europe, Eurasia, North America and Australia. He has a master of science degree in chemical engineering.