Event overview

This online training course is designed to meet the needs of business regulatory and compliance managers tasked with delivering or overseeing the REACH registration requirements of their organisations. The course will provide a broad appreciation of the REACH requirements, and the tools necessary to ensure compliance and manage registration obligations.

Recently added, a new dedicated session on UK-REACH that will explore impacts from both a UK and non-UK perspective. Topics covered include:

  • UK statutory instrument and guidance;
  • timelines and transitional provisions;
  • supply chain role changes and only representatives;
  • downstream user import notification/grandfathering;
  • resources and costs;
  • problems and solutions
The course is geared towards compliance managers, but not necessarily specialists, or those with extensive experience. As such, it covers the following aspects of the REACH process.
  • Roles:
    • Manufacturing and importing
    • Acting as an only representative
  • Activities and obligations:
    • Sourcing of raw materials, chemical substances and mixtures, subcomponents
    • Inquiry, joint and lead registration
    • Research and development
  • Obligations:
    • Exemptions
    • Polymers and monomers

The 6 modules included in this course are:

  •     REACH introduction and registration process
  •     REACH data management, data sharing and ongoing compliance
  •     REACH for Downstream Users
  •     Exposure scenarios and the Chemical Safety Report
  •     Iuclid for an inquiry and joint registration
  •     Iuclid for a lead registration

By attending this online training course, you will learn to:

  •     Understand the objectives, roles and principles of REACH registration
  •     Identify REACH registration requirements
  •     Understand the objectives of data sharing to reduce costs and unnecessary testing
  •     Prepare a REACH registration dossier using Iuclid