1. Learning Outcomes

    On this three-module course, you will cover the following subjects:

    Module 1: EU RoHS overview and requirements

    • Outline the intent and goals of the RoHS Directive No 2011/65/EU;
    • Differentiate how 2011/65/EU (RoHS 2) differs from 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1);
    • Identify substance restrictions and exemptions;
    • Explain the scope of product RoHS covers;
    • Describe how 2011/65/EU implements CE marking and conformity requirements;
    • Summarise obligations for manufacturers, distributors and importers.

    Module 2: Beyond the basics

    • Describe the scope clarifications and corrections (Directive 2017/2102);
    • Demonstrate how to track and monitor exemption renewal and new exemption request applications;
    • Outline current substances under review for possible restriction, the list of substances to be reviewed and aspects of the substance review methodology;
    • Navigate article 24, the RoHS recast process and its status;
    • Explain the place of RoHS among the EU substance restriction pantheon for products;
    • Identify official sources of support from the European Commission.

    Module 3: Complying with RoHS

    • Identify the required aspects of technical documentation as defined by 768/2008/EC and the RoHS Harmonised Standard;
    • Explain why using the Harmonised Standard is preferable to using Module A of 768/2008/EC;
    • Outline the four tasks involved in producing technical documentation for RoHS;
    • Describe the required content for a formal EU Declaration of Conformity;
    • Demonstrate control of series production.