1. Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this five-module course, you will be able to:

    Module 1: Overview

    • Explain how the Indian Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules (ICMSR) relate to the current framework for chemicals management in India ​
    • Outline the main characteristics of the framework set under the ICMSR​
    • Present the main subjects that must comply with ICMSR ​
    • Explain the system established in the ICMSR for the protection of confidential business information (CBI)​

    Module 2: Substance categories and compliance actions

    • Explain the different substance categories under the India Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules (ICMSR), and how they relate to each other​
    • Identify the main compliance requirements attached to each substance category​

    Module 3: Compliance timeline, notification and annual reporting

    • Understand the compliance timeline for notification under the ICMSR ​
    • Identify the main compliance requirements for notification ​
    • Explain the overarching fee structure related to notification.

    Module 4: Registration and product labelling

    • Identify the substances covered by Registration obligations under the ICMSR ​
    • Reproduce the timeline  and process for Registration ​
    • Summarise the main obligations attached to Registration ​
    • Explain the overarching structure of fees related to Registration ​

    Module 5: Safety and accident preparedness

    • Reliably understand the Safety and Accident Preparedness system under the India Chemicals (Management and Safety) Rules (ICMSR)​
    • Explain the requirements and timelines for safety reporting and emergency planning ​
    • Describe the obligations applicable to the import and transport of Schedule II substances and hazardous chemicals ​