Claudio Mereu

Partner, Head of EU Regulatory, Competition & Trade, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium

Koen Van Maldegem

Partner, Competition Regulatory and Trade, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium

Steve George

Senior Advisor and Director, REACHLAW, UK

Frederik Johanson

Partner, Sales, REACHLaw, Finland

James Calder

Vice-President, Compliance & Regulatory Programs, Assent Compliance

Isabelle Lang-Zwosta

Global Regulatory Affairs and Business Development Medical Devices, knoell

Gerard McElwee

Counsel, Fieldfisher, Belgium

Peter Sellar

Partner, EU Regulatory, Competition & Trade, Fieldfisher

Emma Chynoweth

Chief Customer Officer, Chemical Watch, United Kingdom

Dr Minetta Wunderskirchner

Regulatory Affairs Manager, knoell Germany

Stacie Abraham

Regulatory Program Manager, Business Development & Client Solutions, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, UL William Henry Merrill Society

Dr Christoph Grondal

Head of Business Development and Strategy, Eurofins Regulatory Science Services

John Kowalski

Senior Regulatory Specialist, UL Materials & Supply Chain

Ghassan Zughaib

Senior Regulatory Specialist, UL

Nhat Nguyen

Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch, United States

Ciara Thrush

Data and Information Analyst, Chemical Watch

Wiebke Sossinka

Dipl. Environmental Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Chemicals - non-EU, knoell Germany

Martin Kappel

Solution Consultant, Veeva, Germany

Andrew Douglass

Strategy Lead, Chemical Industry, Veeva

Xiaohua He

Managing Director, Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai Co., Ltd

Xiang Guozhao

Project Manager Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai

Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai

Asia-Pacific Business Development & Regulatory Policy Director, knoell, Thailand

Ji Yeong Kim

Regulatory Affairs, Strategic Business Development Asia, SCC GmbH, Germany

Yaprak Yüzak Küçükvar

Director, Global Regulatory Affairs & Product Stewardship, RGS Turkey

Olesia Pochapska

Senior Consulting Manager, REACHLaw, Finland