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  2. Event welcome


    Ginger Hervey Ginger Hervey
    Global & Emerging Markets Reporter, Chemical Watch
  3. Keynote  Keynote: Global drivers and the influence of chemicals regulations in Latam

    Pablo Olivares Pablo Olivares
    Head of Regulatory and Co-Chair of ICCA's virtual working group, SQM
  4. Q&A

  5. Upcoming changes to chemical inventory laws across Latin America: a panel discussion

    Melissa Owen Session moderated by: Melissa Owen
    Founder, Ambientelegal
    Madeleine Boyer Panellist: Madeleine Boyer
    Principal, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., US
    Lidiane Moraes Panellist: Lidiane Moraes
    LAMex Senior Product Stewardship & Regulatory Affairs Advisor, ExxonMobil
  6. Q&A

  7. An industry perspective on the development of chemicals management in Mexico

    Frineé Kathia Cano Robles Frineé Kathia Cano Robles
    Sustainable Chemicals Manager, C&A México
  8. Peruvian regulations and requirements for the chemical industry

    Francisco Tong Francisco Tong
    Partner, Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados
  9. Regulatory developments in Brazil

    • An overview of Brazilian chemical laws
    • A case study addressing common issues that industry could face when doing business in Brazil
    Marília Freitas Marília Freitas
    Environmental Consultant and Project Manager – Product Stewardship, ERM, Brazil
  10. Q&A

  11. Virtual networking and break

  12. Chemical Watch Demo

  13. The status of GHS in Chile

    Marlene Brokering Marlene Brokering
    Founding Partner, Brokering Abogados
  14. Regulatory framework in Argentina: An overview of existing regulations and recent updates

    Join UL Regulatory Specialist Raissa Havens to understand the crucial regulations that companies need to be aware of when taking chemical products into Argentina.  This presentation will cover:

    • National policies to be aware of when importing chemicals to Argentina
    • How the latest regulatory updates will impact your business
    • The initiatives for an environmentally sound management of chemicals


    Raissa Havens Raissa Havens
    Regulatory Specialist, UL
  15. Q&A

  16. Break and virtual networking

  17. Updates on the chemicals management of electronics in Latin America

    Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez Nidia Mariana Calvo Mendez
    Americas Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Program Manager and TSCA Global Program Manager, HP Inc. México
  18. Regulatory updates: Food contact materials across the Mercosur trade bloc

    Catherine R. Nielsen Catherine R. Nielsen
    Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP, USA
  19. Q&A

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