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  1. Module 1

    TSCA Section 5 New Chemical Notification and Review Process

    • This session will outline changes to TSCA Section 5, as amended by the Lautenberg Act, and highlight recent regulatory actions taken by the EPA. It will teach regulatory specialists how staying informed and providing a robust notification package can expedite the new chemical review process and help anticipate regulatory outcomes.

    Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties and Environmental Fate

    • This session will teach participants how to interpret physico-chemical and environmental fate properties to determine potential endpoints of concern and inform testing needs prior to new chemical submissions and introduce the EPA EPI Suite model.  

    EPA EPI Suite Software Hands-On Session

    • The instructor will lead a hands-on session with the agency software and example chemicals to teach participants how to anticipate environmental fate concerns in the absence of measured data and anticipate potential regulatory concerns.
    Kelly Mayo-Bean Kelly Mayo-Bean
    Senior Regulatory Scientist, knoell USA, United States
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