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  1. Topics Covered

    • Introduction to GOST standards and TR 041/2017
      • TR 041/2017 classification, labelling and SDS requirements
      • GOST standards voluntary or mandatory?
      • Which standards are applicable?
    • SDS and label compilation according to guidance documents – how to be compliant?
      • Guidance on compiling a safety data sheet according to GOST 30333
      • Guidance on the selection of precautionary statements in accordance with GOST 31340
    • Registration requirements for SDSs in Russia
      • The CIS Centre’s SDS registration requirements
      • SDS templates
      • Key documents and fees
    • New GOST-R standards published in Russia
      • What standards are being updated?
      • When are they coming into force?
      • What about the EAEU?
    • Comparison of EU REACH/CLP and EEU TR 041/2017 requirements for SDS
      • Key differences between SDS made according to REACH/CLP and GOST/TR 
  2. Finish