The latest updates on European biocidal regulations

It is now more than seven years since the EU biocidal products Regulation (BPR) came into force. The biocides sector, however, is still confronting new challenges, from the high level of demand for disinfectants due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to a separate GB BPR scheme post Brexit. The EU’s chemicals strategy for sustainability (CSS) will also have an impact on the sector over the next few years. 

Meanwhile, long running issues, such as delays to the biocides review programme and Union authorisations and new criteria for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), rumble on. And then there are the regular updates to guidance to get to grips with.

Chemical Watch’s annual Biocides Symposium brings together leading figures from industry, member state competent and regulatory authorities, as well as the European Commission and Echa. 

The symposium's discussions and presentations will include updates on sustainable use and innovation for biocides, efficacy, recent developments.

What will be covered at Biocides Symposium 2021?

  • Approval and authorisation processes under the BPR
  • Early experiences in the start up and running of the GB BPR scheme 
  • Overlaps and scope issues of the BPR with other legislation
  • Assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals under the BPR
  • Efficacy updates
  • Sustainable use and innovation under the BPR
  • Panel discussion on the impact of the chemicals strategy for sustainability (CSS) on the biocides sector
  • Enforcement of the BPR

Book your place to:

  • hear from senior representatives of European institutions, member state competent authorities and industry, as they give their perspectives on emerging issues and hot topics, as well as the current state of biocide regulations across the EU;
  • bring yourself up to date with the complex and ever evolving regulatory biocides landscape in just two days;
  • ask questions, discuss topics, raise issues, seek solutions and share different (or similar) experiences with your peers and our expert speakers;
  • attend an entire conference dedicated to all the latest BPR developments, with in-depth discussions and practical insights; and
  • meet and connect with biocides professionals from around Europe and further afield, at one of the largest biocides events in the world.

Who should attend Biocides Symposium 2021?

  • Biocidal substance manufacturers and users
  • Biocidal product producers and users
  • Importers, formulators, distributors and retailers of biocidal/antimicrobial products, including household cleaning products, preservatives and pesticides
  • Those working in sustainability or marine/environmental welfare
  • Regulatory managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Occupational health professionals
  • Lawyers with an interest in the BPR and relevant chemicals legislation
  • National competent authorities

As with all our Chemical Watch conferences, you will also benefit from:

  • Access to the world’s largest and most influential community of product safety professionals managing chemicals.
  • The opportunity to network with participants from all over the world, from all facets of the chemicals industry and downstream companies. We will be setting up chat rooms for informal networking alongside the online conference.
  • A varied and engaging mixture of expert presentations, case studies and panel discussions.
  • Plenty of opportunities to put  your questions to our panel of speakers (you can also send in any questions you have in advance of the event). During the online conference there will be a chatbox, so you can send in live contributions to presentations and panel discussions.