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    Moderator: Dave Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, UK

  2. Session 1: Overviews
  3. Welcome and introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  4. EU Commission overview

    Mario Nagtzaam Mario Nagtzaam
    Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium
  5. Echa overview

    Claudio Carlon Claudio Carlon
    Head of Biocidal Active Substance Unit, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
    Hugues Kenigswald Hugues Kenigswald
    Head of Biocidal Products Unit, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  6. Status update on working with the BPR – progress and challenges from a competent authority perspective

    • Finishing the review programme and renewal of active substances
    • Experiences with product evaluations of new product types
    • Challenges with biocidal products not yet under approval and treated articles
    • EU cooperation in a digital world
    Charlotta Wallensten Charlotta Wallensten
    Head of Division, Environmental Protection Agency, Denmark
  7. Challenges and opportunities of the BPR from an industry perspective

    Irantzu Garmendia Aguirre Irantzu Garmendia Aguirre
    Project Officer, European Commission, Directorate General Joint Research Centre
  8. Q&A and panel discussion

  9. Networking and break

  10. Session 2: The product authorisation and active substance renewals processes
  11. Two years after guidance release – state of play and experiences with biocidal product families (BPF)

    Gerard McElwee Gerard McElwee
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP
  12. Experiences with renewals for wood preservatives

    Joerg Habicht Joerg Habicht
    Head of Wood Protection Research & Development, Wolman Wood and Fire Protection GmbH
  13. Case study: challenges for a small business under the BPR

    Samantha Walker Samantha Walker
    Senior Biocides Consultant, TSG Consulting
    Ian Dell Ian Dell
    Managing Director, Chemian Technology Limited
  14. Recent additions to Annex I of the BPR: regulatory status and clarification on ‘natural’ substances

    • Definition of ‘natural’ substance
    • Food and feed and simplified authorisation for biocidal products
    • Essential oils and Article 28 compliance
    • Microorganism-based products
    • Take home messages
    Thomas Raas Thomas Raas
    Regulatory Affairs Manager – Biocidal Products, Redebel Regulatory Affairs
  15. Q&A and panel discussion

  16. Networking, break and Chemical Watch membership and platform demo 13.40-14.20

  17. Session 3: Early experiences in the start up and running of the post-Brexit biocides scheme in Great Britain (GB BPR)
  18. Authority experiences: authorisations and enforcement of the GB BPR

    • The legislative regime
    • What has not changed
    • What might change
    • Hot topics/future priorities
    Mike Potts Mike Potts
    Principal Enforcement Officer, Chemicals Regulation Division, Health and Safety Executive, UK
  19. GB BPR industry experiences so far and prospects for the future

    • Industry example of a PT9 biocide used in leather manufacturing
    • Preparations for Brexit, for example surveys of all global suppliers 
    • Transfer of Art 95 listing 
    • What we expect for future submissions
    John MacKenzie John MacKenzie
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Thomas Swan & Co Ltd
    Wayne Giordmaina Wayne Giordmaina
    Regulatory Affairs & Project Manager, knoell Korea Ltd.
  20. Legal issues

    • Data rights
    • Strategic planning
    • Regulatory divergence
    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe International (UK) LLP
  21. Q&A and panel discussion

    Wayne Giordmaina, Regulatory Affairs & Project Manager, Biocides, knoell Korea Ltd, South-Korea, will be replaced during the live Q&A and panel discussion by his colleague 

    Eulàlia Fàbregas Eulàlia Fàbregas
    Regulatory Affairs and Project Manager, knoell Germany GmbH
  22. Networking and break

  23. Session 4: Overlaps and scope issues of the BPR with other legislation
  24. Preliminary ARTFood guidance for professional uses

    Laura Ruggeri Laura Ruggeri
    Team Leader Active Substance Team, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  25. Comparison for food contact legislation and the BPR for PT4

    Andrew Goodyear Andrew Goodyear
    Partner, ERM, UK
  26. Q&A and panel discussion

  27. Take home messages

    Vanessa Zainzinger Vanessa Zainzinger
    Senior Reporter, Chemical Watch News & Insight, by Enhesa
  28. End of day 1

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