Please note: all times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  1. Welcome and introduction

  2. Session 1: The UK chemicals strategy
  3. An update on the UK chemicals strategy

    • Timeline
    • How will the strategy fit in with the devolved administrations?
    • Understanding GB REACH versus UK REACH
  4. A view from Scotland

  5. Q&A

  6. Short break

  7. Session 2: Data requirements under UK (GB) REACH
  8. UK REACH: registrations, authorisations and restrictions

    Speakers will include:

    Chloe Alexander Chloe Alexander
    Trade Campaigner, CHEM Trust
  9. Q&A

  10. Break

  11. UK REACH candidate list, authorisations list, authorisation applications and restrictions list/proposed restrictions

    • Has the HSE published these lists yet? If not, when will they? What are the future plans?
    • Will there be proposals for restrictions on PFASs and on microplastics, as there are in the EU?

    Speakers will include:

    Susanne Baker Susanne Baker
    Associate Director, Climate, Environment & Sustainability, techUK
  12. Session 3: Imports and exports
  13. Downstream user (DU) importer registrations

    • Ahead of the Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN) submission deadline in October 2021, are downstream user sectors prepared?
  14. What is the current situation at GB ports?

    • Are there continuing problems?
    • How are ports dealing with issues around rules of origin, custom declarations and substance registrations?
  15. How have problems at GB ports impacted industry?

  16. Q&A

  17. Lunch and networking break

  18. Session 4: Classification, labelling and packaging (CLP)
  19. Classification and labelling

    • Has the HSE set up a system yet to allow companies to submit C&L notifications to the GB C&L inventory? 
    • Has the GB mandatory classifications list been published yet? 
    • Are there plans to propose new mandatory classification and labelling lists (MCLs)?
  20. The role of the Environment Agency

  21. Q&A

  22. Session 5: Sector specific regulations
  23. Chemicals in products

    • Update on activities of the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS), including RoHS
  24. Overview on UK/GB regimes for cosmetics

  25. Biocides

    • How has the resubmission of active substance approvals been going following the mid-April deadline? 
    • General update
  26. Q&A

  27. Close of virtual conference