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  1. Breakfast networking session

  2. Welcome and introduction

    Conference moderator:

    Ginger Hervey Ginger Hervey
    Global & Emerging Markets Reporter, Chemical Watch

    Day one moderator:

    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
  4. Session one: Overarching trends in regulatory policies
  5. Setting the scene: An overview of regulatory trends in Latin America

    Madeleine Boyer Madeleine Boyer
    Principal, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., US
  6. The influence of trade blocs on chemicals regulation and compliance

    Michael S. Wenk Michael S. Wenk
    Senior Manager – Product Risk and Registration, Global Product Risk, Vanderbilt Global Services, LLC
  7. An overview of GHS in Latin America: Implementation and adoption

    Cristina Garcia Cristina Garcia
    Knoell Iberia S.L.
  8. Q&A

  9. Break

  10. Session two: Regulatory developments in Brazil and Argentina
  11. Regulatory updates from Argentina: Developments at national and regional levels

    Agustín Harte Agustín Harte
    Technical Advisor, Chemicals National Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina
  12. Environmental, social and corporate governance impacts on the Chemical Industry

    Luiz Gustavo Bezerra Luiz Gustavo Bezerra
    Head of Brazilian Environmental Practice, Tauil & Chequer | Mayer Brown, Brazil
  13. Q&A

  14. Break and sponsor workshops

  15. Sponsor Workshop from Intertek: Transparency: Release of Confidential Information

    Join experts from Intertek, along with guest speaker Daniel Rios in an informal breakout discussion on two key topics;

    • Confidentiality rules held by the Governments of Canada and the USA which states that a substance confidential identity can be held confidential for 10 years only (with a possible renewal with justification);
    • Findings and hazard classification discussions between different global authorities on substance specific issues.
    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
    Rose Passarella Rose Passarella
    Director - Chemicals Group, Intertek Assuris, USA
    Daniel Rios Guest speaker: Daniel Rios
    Global Head Chemicals Management and Compliance CoE, Givaudan
  16. Session three: Chile, Costa Rica, and Colombia
  17. Colombia and Chile's framework for chemical inventory laws

    Melissa Owen Melissa Owen
    Founder, Ambientelegal
  18. Chemical regulations in Costa Rica

    Cristina Caro Tovar Cristina Caro Tovar
    Regulatory Attorney - Latin America, Independent Consultant, US
  19. Q&A

  20. End of day one

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