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Dan Bastien

Dan Bastien

Associate Director, Chemical Group, Intertek, Canada

Dan Bastien is associate director for Intertek Health, Environmental & Regulatory Services. Dan is a subject matter expert in Canada with specific experience in the Chemical Management Plan (CMP). He has presented on these topics at numerous conferences around the world, held training sessions for the chemical industry, and co-authored guidance documents and other types of publications in Canada.

Prior to joining Intertek, Dan was the director of Business Development for knoell USA, and has also managed the Client Services Unit of the New Substances and the evaluation of Existing Substance programs under the CMP for over 20 years.

In his recent move to Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy, Dan delivers business development expertise, expert advice and direction to clients who seek support in understanding and complying with a wide variety of global chemical control legislation and regulatory initiatives. He works closely with the Chemicals team of regulatory and scientific experts who help clients address challenging regulatory climates and demanding marketplaces, in a timely and cost-effective manner, by successfully using surrogate data, estimation methods, or waiver requests, to meet complex requirements for physical-chemical and toxicological information prescribed under a variety of new chemical and existing chemical notification and assessment programs.