Developments, trends and looking further into 2021

This one hour webinar, along with broadcasts focused on Europe & Africa and Asia Pacific and the Middle East, is part of the Global Outlook 2021 webinar series. Chemical Watch experts will share the most important recent regulatory updates in North and Latin America and forecast what to look out for in these regions in 2021. 

Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: 

  • trends in US states (eg single-use plastics bans, PFASs and phthalate trends);
  • US hot topics including GHS revision 7 and amendments to the TSCA risk evaluation process;
  • Canadian Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) developments; 
  • Canadian hot topics including flame retardants and PFASs;
  • updates on GHS implementation in Latin American countries;
  • updates on chemicals management legislation in Latin America;
  • issues relating to disinfectants, cosmetics and related products; and
  • sustainability initiatives in Latin America.


Cristina Garcia – Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
Melanie Rybar – Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

Please note, even if you cannot attend the live broadcast, register for the webinar you will receive a link to the slides and recording shortly after the presentation. If you have any further questions, please contact us at