1. Module 1

    Introduction of China MEE Order 12 and a comparison with MEP Order 7

    • Background and scope of MEE Order 12 
    • Main revised content between MEP Order 7 and MEE Order 12
    • New concepts of MEE Order 12
    • Requirements and procedures for registration types (record, simplified and typical registrations, polymer registrations)
    • Data protection
    • Post-notification obligations
    • IECSC Inclusions 
    • Policy transitional matters

    The data requirements of China MEE Order 12 and practical advice

    • An overview of China MEE Order 12
    • Definitions for PBT substances and  highly hazardous substances
    • Data requirements under China MEE Order 12
    • Practical advice (data sharing, non-testing methods, registration and testing strategies, handle requests from authority reviews, etc)
    • Carcinogenicity evaluations 
    • Case analysis
    Lucy Wang Lucy Wang
    Chemical Regulatory Consultant/ Research Engineer, CIRS China
    Lila Tao Lila Tao
    Chemical Regulatory Consultant, Chemical Legislation Compliance Department, CIRS China
  2. Q&A session

  3. Finish