Latest developments on the CMS Rules and what to expect when it comes into force

This 90-minute webinar explored the latest updates on India’s draft chemical regulation – the Chemical Management and Safety Rules (CMSR) – along with compliance strategies for Indian and non-Indian companies. 

India circulated the fifth draft of the CMSR on 24 August 2020. Once published, the rules will regulate substances, including in mixtures, in articles, and in intermediates that are manufactured, imported, or placed on the market in the country. The rules will require the full registration of approximately 750 ‘priority’ substances within 18 months of coming into force, according to the latest draft.

In this Chemical Watch webinar, Global Product Compliance (GPC) - India's largest and a leading global regulatory compliance service provider, shared insights into how to comply with the Regulation, which is expected to come into force this year. 

Key discussion topics included: 

  • an overview of the CMSR;
  • the timeline for implementation; 
  • information on substance notification and registration; and
  • the expected impact of the CMSR on chemical manufacturers in India and abroad.

Watch the recording below: