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    Marko Sušnik Marko Sušnik
    Senior Advisor, WKÖ/SMEunited, Austria
    Christian Gründling Christian Gründling
    Deputy Director, FCIO, Austria
  2. Topics Covered

    • Introduction to REACH: Basics and background / different roles and obligations / situation in member states and the EEA / the consequences of Brexit
    • Registration: Starting a registration / joining an existing registration / agents in the REACH environment / registration dossier / chemicals safety analysis and report (CSA & CSR) / basics and principles of data- and cost-sharing / aspects of competition law / cost-considerations / evaluation and consequences for your daily business
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  4. Topics Covered

    • EXERCISE: Organise yourself and your portfolio:
    • Restriction and authorisation: substances of very high concern / the restriction process / the authorisation process
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  6. Topics Covered

    • Introduction to CLP: International context – the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) / basics and background / different actors and their obligations
    • Classification and labelling: Harmonised classification / self-classification / classifying and labelling chemicals in theory and practice
    • EXERCISE: Classification assignment:
    • The classification and labelling inventory (CLI): Basics and background / practical considerations
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  8. Topics Covered

    • Poison centres notification (PCN): Basics and background / different actors and their obligations / the unique formula identifier (UFI) / relevant deadlines / practical considerations
    • Downstream user and safety data sheets: Role of the downstream user / communication in the supply chain / structure and content of the SDS / extended SDSs (eSDSs) / practical examples
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