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Somia Elazzab

Somia Elazzab

Senior Toxicologist EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist Intertek Assuris, Intertek, UK

Currently Somia Elazzab is a Eurotox Registered Toxicologist (ERT). She is a member of the Society of Biology and the British Toxicology Society. She has MSc in Molecular Toxicology (With Distinction) from Aston University, Birmingham, UK. She has MSc and MD of Forensic medicine and clinical toxicology from Mansoura Faculty of medicine, Egypt.

She is a senior toxicologist based in Intertek Testing Services (Leicester) Ltd (Labtest). She prepares and produces toxicological safety profiles of chemical ingredients. She prepares Safety Assessment Reports of cosmetic products in accordance with different countries regulations. She prepares product Information File (PIF) and label review for cosmetic products. She prepares Safety assessment Reports of Raw materials - which include individual ingredients, impurities, residuals more specifically based on their chemical structure, toxicological profile and their level of exposure. She prepares SDS according to GHS classification, CLP classification and REACH Annex II as well as other countries regulations as US, Canada, Australia, etc. Hazard profiling, classification and labelling of chemical formulation according to EU CLP classification, REACH and GHS. She prepares PDE report: Calculation of Permitted Daily Exposure for active pharmaceutical ingredients to addressing potential safety issues associated with the presence of these pharmaceutical ingredients as a carryover impurity in other oral drug products. She prepares misuse toxicology report for consumer products in targeted population based on data relevant to the exposure route(s) indicated from the misuse scenarios – dermal contact and oral ingestion. She involved in medical device compatibility assessment.