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  1. Topics Covered

    • Technical Regulation (TR) of the Customs Union (CU) on FCM, following the unified agreements among the EAEU member states i.e., TR CU 005/2011 “on safety of packaging”, including Appendixes 1-5

    • Details on product-specific requirements and testing methods on different types of FCM and food contact articles

    • Steps to attestation of conformity with the TR of the CU (EurAsian Conformity = EAC Conformity Mark), covered only by the ‘EAC declaration’, while the ‘EAC certification’ is not applicable to packaging (closures)

    • Draft amendments to TR CU 005/2011 developed to clarify individual requirements of the TR based on the results of the practice of its application – notification G/TBT/N/RUS/112 dated 12 April 2021

    Ioan Paraschiv Ioan Paraschiv
    Regulatory Affairs Manager FCM and REACH, Knoell, Netherlands
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