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  1. Topics covered

    Introduction to Efficacy Evaluation under the BPR

    • What is efficacy and why is it important from a Regulatory perspective
    • Goal of efficacy evaluation
    • The label claims and claim substantiation
    • Efficacy Dossier Requirements for a Biocidal Product
    • Test methods
    • Quality/expectations for individual reports and dataset
    • Tricks and tips to save time and being successful

    Overview of current Available Guidance for Efficacy

    • Which PTs are currently covered within ECHA efficacy guidance?
    • Resistance and Humaneness
    • Efficacy Working Group (WG)
    • General Guidance development and Revisions. Prevision of updates
    • BPR efficacy guidance – disinfectants
    • Disinfectant Test Standards – CEN work in progress
    • Other guidance documents

    Disinfectants: PTs 1-5, BPR Dossier Requirements and EN Test  Methodology

    • Background to efficacy testing of disinfectants
    • Overview of relevant types/groups of microorganisms
    • Efficacy ECHA guidance requirements
    • Acceptable test methodology
    • Brief Outline of Typical Test Methodologies
    • Importance of Disinfectant Testing Conditions
    • Biostatic/bacteriostatic/malodour control
    • Development and use of claim matrices
    • Detailed examination of PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4 and PT5 products
    • Overview of the 6 application groups within PT5
    • Efficacy and co-formulants
    Eva Perendreu-Mata Eva Perendreu-Mata
    Regulatory project manager & Senior Efficacy specialist for Biocides, Exponent International Ltd, UK
  2. Finish