1. Learning Outcomes

    Once completing this eLearning course you will be able to:

    • Describe CEPA and the New Substances Notification Regulations (NSNR)
    • Explain their relevance and respective requirements for the manufacture and import of industrial chemicals,  cosmetic, pharmaceutical and natural health products sectors
    • Outline how CEPA compliance impacts a company’s chemical inventory management with respect to new and existing substances.

    MODULE 01 - Planning your submission

    • Review the planning stages for a successful notification in Canada.

    MODULE 02 - The new substances programme and its authority

    • Outline the new substances programme, its authority and its exemptions.

    MODULE 03 - Key aspects of the regulations and  nanomaterials in Canada

    • Review the key aspects of the NSNR and what is considered a nanomaterial in Canada.

    MODULE 04 - The new substance process

    • Review the new substance process and potential outcomes.

    MODULE 05 - Risk assessment

    • Review the information and steps used in Canada for the risk assessment of the new substances.

    MODULE 06 - Confidential business information (CBI)

    • Review the Canadian government policy of transparency, clear accountability and meaningful public communications.