Sustainability performance of the products and services they provide.

In the first webinar within the product sustainability series, we look how in recent years, public interest and concern for climate change, marine litter, child labour, and other social and environmental issues has sky-rocketed. This has been accompanied by a wave of interest from the investment community regarding companies’ environmental and social governance (ESG), ‘impact investing’ and innovations such as green bonds, and by governments implementing increasingly stringent environmental regulations and policies. 

We explore how businesses can benefit from assessing the environmental and social impacts of their products and the range of tools and approaches available to support this.

As a result of all these drivers, companies increasingly are recognising the need to improve their understanding of the sustainability performance of the products and services they provide.  

By attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the drivers for companies to set up programmes to assess and improve the sustainability performance of their products and services
  • About the product sustainability toolkit including: life cycle thinking and life cycle assessment; carbon footprint assessment; social impact assessment; environmental product declarations; eco-design tools, and others.
  • How consideration of product sustainability can be embedded with a company’s day-to-day operations
  • About examples of how leading companies are using product sustainability programs to further the success of their businesses

Watch the webinar recording below: