Responsible sourcing: Best practices for managing supply chain risks

In the final webinar from the three-part product sustainability series we will explore responsible sourcing trends and best practices to manage supply chain risks. Pressure to have responsible and sustainable supply chains is not new, but stakeholders’ expectations are evolving to include greater transparency on a wider range of topics and expectations for innovative forms of collaboration and supplier engagement. 

On Dec 2nd, 2021, we are bringing together a panel of experts in responsible sourcing, supply chain and human rights to discuss the following topics:

  • Key trends and drivers shaping corporate approaches to responsible sourcing programs 
  • Strategies for developing effective responsible sourcing programs that drive positive impact in the supply chain
  • The rapidly evolving EU legislation for supply chain and human rights issues

Our speakers include

  • Bryan Hartlin, Partner, Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change, ERM, UK
  • Marina d'Engelbronner, Partner, Human Rights, ERM, Netherlands
  • Ed Struzik, Partner, Supply Chain and Product Stewardship, ERM, US
  • John Ruebush, Principal Consultant, Sustainable Sourcing, ERM, US
  • Moderator: Nhat Nguyen, Chief Analyst, Chemical Watch, US

Watch the session here: