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  1. Session 4: International sustainability and biocides trends
  2. Welcome and introduction

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  3. Biocidal products in the building sector

    Teresa McGrath Teresa McGrath
    Chief Research Officer, Healthy Building Network
  4. Back to health - an evolutionary biology perspective on the skin microbiome

    Larry Weiss Larry Weiss
    CEO and Founder, Weiss Bioscience, Inc.
  5. Trends for sustainability in the EU biocides sector

    • Although biocides are not in the crosshairs of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the push for sustainability is a general concept throughout all (industrial) sectors and biocides will be affected 
    • Examples are the push to replace rodenticides with other non-chemical approaches and the scrutiny on biocides in our daily drinking water 
    • Legal issues surrounding the inclusion of the element of sustainability in risk assessments 
    • Concluding remarks 
    Gerard McElwee Gerard McElwee
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP
  6. Q&A and panel discussion

  7. Networking and break

  8. Session 5: Americas – trends and updates

    Moderator: Dave Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, UK

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  10. Updates from Canada

    • Covid-19-related activities
    • New technologies
    Michel Ntemgwa Michel Ntemgwa
    Acting Manager Disinfectants Division, Health Canada
  11. Treated articles policies in Canada and the US

    • US EPA
      • What is a treated article?
      • How are treated articles regulated (PR Notice 2000-1)?
      • What are the requirements for registering a treated article in the US?
      • What claims are allowed for treated articles?
    • Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) - Canada
      • What is a treated article?
      • How are treated articles regulated?
      • What are the requirements for registering a treated article in Canada?
      • What claims are allowed for treated articles?
    • What are the differences between the US and Canada for treated article regulations and claims?
    • Examples of treated articles in the marketplace in the US and Canada
    Diane Boesenberg Diane Boesenberg
    Senior Managing Scientist, Exponent
  12. Challenges and opportunities for a company working with biocides in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

    • Current status of the regulatory framework 
    • New regulations 
    • Challenges and opportunities 
    Juan Ignacio Pina Juan Ignacio Pina
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Atanor S.C.A. / Albaugh, LLC
  13. Recent development for biocides in Brazil and Latin America

    • Changes in biocide use patterns 
    • Innovation in biocide articles and their regulation  
    • Consequences of the pandemic in biocide regulation
    Debora Leite Debora Leite
    Latam Division Coordinator, Vigna Brasil
  14. Q&A and panel discussion

  15. Networking and break


    18.00 – 18.20 Chemical Watch platform demonstration

  17. Session 6: International trends

    Moderator: Seth Goldberg, Partner, Steptoe

    Seth Goldberg Seth Goldberg
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  19. OECD: Efforts to coordinate government pandemic response

    • Lessons learned 
    • Current and future activities in the area of best practices during a pandemic
    Sylvie Poret Sylvie Poret
    Principal Administrator, Environment, Health and Safety, OECD, France
  20. EU BPR updates

    • Active substance approval - review programme
    • Biocidal product authorisation
    • Covid-19 impact on biocides - update
    • Guidance updates
    • Scientific topics in the spotlight
    Claudio Carlon Claudio Carlon
    Head of Biocidal Active Substance Unit, European Chemicals Agency, Finland
  21. GB BPR: How to interact with the UK regulator

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  22. Updates on biocides regulations in China and South Korea

    K-BPR: Learning from the first approval submissions and more

    • Current status
    • Lessons learned in 2021
    • Upcoming deadlines
    Wayne Giordmaina Wayne Giordmaina
    Regulatory Affairs & Project Manager, knoell Korea Ltd.
    Xiaohua He Xiaohua He
    Managing Director, Knoell Consult Shanghai Co., Ltd
  23. Final Q&A and panel discussion

    Please note:

    Wayne Giordmaina, Regulatory Affairs & Project Manager, knoell Korea Ltd, and

    Xiaohua He, Managing Director, knoell China Ltd  

    will not be participating in this panel. They will be offering a live Q&A during a free webinar on 24 February at 8.00-8.45 GMT.

    Additional Panellist:

    Joost van Galen Joost van Galen
    Team leader of the Biocidal Products Team, European Chemicals Agency
  24. End of conference

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