1. UK REACH and GB Biocidal Products: Data Sharing, Disputes and Appeals

    As the chemical and biocides industries grapple with the new regulatory regimes for the Great Britain market, one of the most pressing issues to address is data sharing.  The creation of parallel, but entirely independent, legal frameworks for chemicals and biocides in GB has raised some significant questions on data sharing obligations, and although the new regulatory landscape is based on its EU law predecessor, there are many differences.  One significant difference is the new appeal routes for challenging data sharing decisions: for UK REACH, appeals will be heard by the First Tier Tribunal, General Regulatory Chamber, and for GB biocides, appeals will be heard by a person appointed by the Secretary of State.  This webinar will provide an understanding of how the new GB system will work, and its similarities and differences with the EU regimes, as well as practical advice on how to navigate data sharing discussions, disputes and appeals.  It is relevant in all those involved in discussions on data sharing or those who wish to understand the new UK regulatory regimes.  The webinar will cover:

    • GB data sharing disputes & appeals: differences and similarities with the EU
    • Lessons to learn from the EU regime and Board of Appeal decisions
    • Data sharing negotiations: practical advice
    • Appeals: the role of the First Tier Tribunal, General Regulatory Chamber
    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe International (UK) LLP
    Simon Tilling Simon Tilling
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, UK
    Judge Moira Macmillan Judge Moira Macmillan
    Lead Environment Judge, First-tier Tribunal, General Regulatory Chamber