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  1. Topics covered

    • What is UK REACH and how is it different to EU REACH?
      • The basics: principles of registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction
    • Key transition measures – grandfathering, DUINs and authorisation
    • Substance registration – new and existing substances
      • Inquiry, lead registration and co-registration, dossier development, registration cooperation, and access to existing data vs new studies
    • Overview of the ‘Comply with UK REACH’ service
    • The role of an only representative (OR), efficiency and confidentiality for non-UK exporters
    • Managing the transition for existing substances
      • How to grandfather
      • Completing a DUIN
    • Obsolescence risk management
      • Impact on the UK-EU and EU-UK supply chain, why upstream suppliers might stop supply to downstream users in the UK, what suppliers and downstream users can do about it, early communication, etc
    • Q&A
    Steve George Steve George
    Senior Advisor and Director, REACHLaw, UK
    Frederik Johanson Frederik Johanson
    Partner, Sales, REACHLaw, Finland
    Pietro Di Tondo Pietro Di Tondo
    Regulatory Manager, REACHLaw UK Ltd
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