Essentials of UK REACH, key transitional measures and registration requirements

On 1 January 2021, the UK REACH Regulation came into force in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales, with some compliance tasks that can be handled by companies located in Northern Ireland). Any company importing, manufacturing, formulating and using chemicals in Great Britain will need to comply with the requirements of the Regulation.

UK-based companies that have registered their substances under EU REACH have the option to grandfather these substances into the UK system. At the same time, UK downstream users/importers that rely on the registrations of their EU REACH suppliers can submit downstream user import notifications (DUINs) for known substances to the designated authority – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – and benefit from extended registration deadlines.  

This online masterclass will give a comprehensive overview of applicable UK REACH requirements that will affect companies in ways that depend on their role in the supply chain, and practical guidance on how to successfully manage key transitional measures: grandfathering, DUINs, authorisation timelines and UK REACH registration for new and existing supply substances.

The course gives an overview of UK REACH and how it differs from its EU counterpart, and will provide advice on:

  • UK REACH registration and making an action plan for meeting its deadlines;
  • compliance alternatives for UK-based companies and non-UK exporters; and
  • UK REACH obsolescence risk management and what suppliers and downstream users can do to mitigate these risks. 

What you can expect from the UK REACH Masterclass?

  • The opportunity to ask questions from REACHLaw experts who deal with UK REACH compliance on a daily basis
  • Practical insights into UK REACH grandfathering, DUINs and the registration processes from the comfort of your home office. 
  • A copy of the slides and on-demand content – both will be available at the end of the course.