Learn about recent EPA enforcement trends and cases regarding antimicrobials, including activity related to imports, treated articles, and Covid-19 claims.

The presentation will cover recent EPA enforcement activity regarding antimicrobials, including case studies and lessons learnt. We will discuss what’s at stake, for example potential product holds, supply chain impacts, penalties and criminal investigations. We will also consider how to minimise enforcement risk, potential pros and cons of violation self-disclosure, as well as the respective enforcement roles of the EPA and US Customs Border Protection (CBP) regarding imports. 

By attending this webinar, you will learn:  

  • the scope of the US EPA enforcement authority under Fifra, including stop sale orders; 
  • EPA enforcement trends and priorities;
  • EPA and US Customs Border Protection (CBP) respective enforcement roles regarding imports;
  • tips on minimising enforcement risk and supply chain impacts; and
  • how and when to consider self-disclosure of violations. 

You can view the session here: