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  1. Background and information

  2. Session 1 – Introduction to the enforcement of Reach and CLP

    Echa is charged with managing REACH across the EU, but each member state is responsible for carrying out their own enforcement and issuing penalties. It is important to understand who is responsible for what, and how enforcement is coordinated across the EU. We will look at:

    • the roles and responsibilities of regulators;
    • joint enforcement projects;
    • penalties and prosecutions; and
    • the impact of the new EU Regulation on Market Surveillance and Product Compliance
    Sandra Meijer Sandra Meijer
    Principal, Product Stewardship, Yordas Group (formerly The REACH Centre)
  3. Session 2 – Risk of non-compliance

    The reality is that full compliance with REACH and CLP is difficult to attain. However in order to approach an inspection with confidence you need to feel that you have a handle on your risks of non-compliance and how to manage them. Your business activities determine your roles under REACH and CLP and they in turn determine where your main risks lie.

    Working in groups, attendees will be invited to think about how the role of the company and its activities under REACH/CLP will determine the key risk areas for non-compliance.

  4. Break

  5. Session 3 – Inspections: who/what/when?

    Inspections may be initiated for a range of reasons and understanding what these are will help a company prepare. 

    Inspectors may look at any aspect of the regulations they choose, but their focus is likely to be driven by a company's activities, its track record and aspects most likely to impact on chemical safety. In this session, we will explore: 

    • What is the likelihood of an inspection?
    • When will we be inspected?
    • Who will carry out the inspection?
    • What will be inspected?
    • What form will the inspection take?
    • What are the possible consequences?
  6. End of day one

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