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  1. Registration and coffee

  2. Session 1: Current UK Policy
  3. Introduction and welcome

    Geraint Roberts Geraint Roberts
    Freelance journalist and researcher
  4. UK Chemicals Strategy

    • background to the Strategy;
    • next steps, and a brief summary of the issues the Strategy could look to address; and 
    • workshops planned for late Spring/Summer 2022 to help shape the forthcoming Strategy
    Mary Tomlinson Mary Tomlinson
    Chemicals Strategy, Defra
  5. Industry views on policy

    • Updates from CIA and CBA;
    • current situation in the chemical supply chain; and
    • how policy and regulations may shape its future
    Nishma Patel Nishma Patel
    Policy Director, Chemical Industries Association (CIA)
    Tim Doggett Tim Doggett
    Chief Executive Officer, Chemical Business Association (CBA), UK
  6. Q&A

  7. Refreshments

  8. Session 2: UK REACH updates
  9. UK REACH regulatory update from Defra

    James Dancy James Dancy
    Head of UK REACH service and policy at Defra, DEFRA
  10. UK REACH regulatory update from HSE

    Andrea Caitens Andrea Caitens
    Regulatory Scientist, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD)
  11. UK REACH preparing for the next deadlines

    • What has happened since when UK REACH came into force on 01 January 2021?​
    • ​Grandfathering – deadline passed​; and
    • DUINs – deadline passed
    Jo Lloyd Jo Lloyd
    Partner, ERM
  12. UK REACH history – industry perspective

    • a quick summary history of UK REACH; and
    • the direction of travel
    Steve George Steve George
    Senior Advisor and Director, REACHLaw, UK
  13. UK REACH – challenges for industry

    • the challenges facing Industry, specifically around confidential information
    Caroline Raine Caroline Raine
    Technical Director, NCEC, Ricardo, UK
  14. UK REACH: challenges and next steps

    • challenges facing UK REACH; and
    • next steps for alignment-based solutions and UK chemicals strategy
    Chloe Alexander Chloe Alexander
    UK campaigner, CHEM Trust
  15. Q&A

    Joined by

    Mary Tomlinson Mary Tomlinson
    Chemicals Strategy, Defra
    Louise Boardall Louise Boardall
    Senior Consultant, Product Stewardship​, ERM
  16. Lunch and networking

  17. Chemical Watch platform demonstration

    Ryan McErlean Ryan McErlean
    Global Head of Marketing, Chemical Watch
  18. Session 3: Data sharing and submission
  19. Data sharing issues

    • GB data sharing disputes & appeals: differences and similarities with the EU;
    • lessons to learn from the EU regime and Board of Appeal decisions;
    • data sharing negotiations: practical advice; and
    • appeals: the role of the First Tier Tribunal, General Regulatory Chamber
    Tribunal Judge Joe Neville Tribunal Judge Joe Neville
    Lead Environment Judge, First-tier Tribunal, General Regulatory Chamber
    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner - Chemical and Life Sciences, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
    Simon Tilling Simon Tilling
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, UK
  20. Q&A

  21. Session 4: Divergence from EU Regulations
  22. Divergence from EU (European Union) - what picture is emerging?

    • an update on the current situation
      • divergence between GB and EU chemicals strategy
      • how will this affect the decision-making process
    • what are the challenges to industry?
    • what help is available?
    Mike Potts Mike Potts
    Senior Chemicals & REACH Consultant, TSG Consulting
  23. Focus on REACH and RoHS to show the emerging differences in the UK version compared to its EU parent

    • the transition period agreed by both the UK Government & the European Commission to establish their long-term relationship came to an end on December 31, 2020;
    • EU-originated environmental product legislation, transferred across to UK Parliament, since the UK is no longer a member of the EU Single Market or the EU Customs Union; and
    • discuss the REACH Regulation & RoHS Directive highlighting what differences have already emerged between these and their UK counterparts
    Raj Takhar Raj Takhar
    Senior Subject Matter Expert - Materials Management and Chemical Reporting (Europe), Assent
    Steven Andrews Steven Andrews
    Subject Matter Expert, Environmental Stewardship and Policy, Assent
  24. Q&A

  25. Refreshments

  26. Session 5: Other developments
  27. Update on biocides regulation for the GB market

    • legal framework for biocides in an independent UK;
    • significant milestones/deadlines for your diary; and
    • latest developments, and what’s next
    Tom Gillett Tom Gillett
    Associate, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, UK
  28. UK cosmetics regulation: roles and responsibilities

    • overview of the responsible person, distributors and importers;
    • regulators and enforcement; and
    • case studies: cosmetovigilance and product safety alerts
    Nicholas Shaw Núñez Nicholas Shaw Núñez
    Head of International Growth and Regulatory Services, The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA)
  29. Q&A

  30. Close of conference