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    Welcome to all delegates.

    Peter Schramme Peter Schramme
    CEO, Enhesa
  3. Grouping chemicals under REACH for restrictions vs authorizations – the example of PFAS

    Claudio Mereu Claudio Mereu
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher LLP, Belgium
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  5. EU Chemical Policy: The Green Revolution

    Taking a wide approach to explaining the current direction of travel of the Commission to its chemicals policy with specific reference to one-substance-one-assessment, new classification categories etc. 

    Peter Sellar Peter Sellar
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher Brussels
  6. Lunch

  7. Unlock the full value of your compliance and product stewardship with Chemical Watch

    Discover the full range of Chemical Watch solutions and get your questions answered at this service presentation and platform demo.

    Paul Viot
    International Business Development Manager, Chemical Watch
  8. Managing REACH: a 15-year perspective

    A bigger management picture of REACH from the perspective of running a number of major consortia for 15 years (covering regulatory,  management, legal, IT, dossier updating and read across, IUCLID management,  study management etc). 

    Hans Ketelslegers Hans Ketelslegers
    Principal Government and Regulatory Affairs, Penman Consulting
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  10. Chemical data management applied to EU Endocrine Disruptor substances and PMT, and vPvM substances

    With the complexity around reviewing new criteria for new substances and products, but also reviewing existing product portfolios where the criteria may also be met, and the challenges this brings – including supply chain communication. 

    Martina Schneider Martina Schneider
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, UL Solutions
  11. How Digital Product Stewardship Enables Business Growth

    Product Stewardship is being asked to transform into a strategic business function. This is a growth imperative for companies operating in the consumer products value chain, as delivering compliant, innovative and sustainable products to customers is at the core of their business strategy.

    Join this workshop to learn how suppliers and manufacturers are using enterprise technology and data platforms to increase speed to market, build customer trust, and transform product stewardship into a competitive edge. 

    David Maher David Maher
    Director, Regulatory Strategy, Veeva Europe
    Fabio de Rosa Fabio de Rosa
    Solution Consultant, Veeva, Spain
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