Timings are in CEST (Amsterdam)

  1. Grow your knowledge, your network, and your voice with the Chemical Watch Professional Development membership

    Presentation and sneak peek of the Professional Development membership platform which provides year-round access to Chemical Watch's world-leading events and training programme – for your whole organisation.

    Paul Viot
    International Business Development Manager, Chemical Watch
  2. Update on Chemical Substance Registration in Taiwan

    Wiebke Sossinka Wiebke Sossinka
    Dipl. Environmental Scientist, Regulatory Affairs Chemicals - non-EU, knoell Germany
  3. Refreshments

  4. Chemical Regulations and Biocides in South Korea

    In this session, Woo Jung will discuss:

    • Regulations on chemicals and biocides in South Korea
    • Relevant chemical regulations, current situation, deadlines and upcoming changes
    • Short introduction to biocide regulation including relevant deadlines
  5. Compliance With Turkish Chemicals Regulations

    Hilal Sevinc Hilal Sevinc
    Deputy Director, RGS Turkey
  6. Lunch

  7. Vietnam

    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Enhesa Product Intelligence, USA
  8. Refreshments

  9. Close of Day Two