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Peter Sellar

Peter Sellar

Partner, EU Regulatory, Competition & Trade, Fieldfisher

Peter is an EU regulatory law specialist. With 20 years' experience, he specialises in environmental law, in particular general chemicals, biocides and pesticides law at EU, national and international levels.  He focuses on EU-wide advocacy campaigns to avoid adverse regulation, failing which litigation before the Courts of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

Peter pays meticulous attention to ensuring that written pleadings compel and support that with the skill of a trained Scots advocate in court. 

In environmental law, he led on the most recent success before both the General Court and Court of Justice in Luxembourg regarding the unlawful classification of a chemical. As junior advocate at the Scots bar, he assisted on the two 'Brexit' cases in the UK (Gina Miller and Andy Wightman et al). Peter has spoken widely on Brexit at conferences in Scotland within and out with the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland. He has also twice given testimony to committees in the Scottish Parliament on that issue.

Peter speaks English (native), French and German.