Day 1, 11 May 

Timings are in BST (British Summer Time) 



    Moderator: Dave Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch, UK

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Independent Biocides Expert
  2. Welcome and introduction

  3. Session 1: Overviews
  4. European Commission overview

    Marta Cainzos Garcia Marta Cainzos Garcia
    Policy Officer, European Commission, DG SANTE
  5. Echa updates and developments

    Simón Gutiérrez Alonso Simón Gutiérrez Alonso
    Scientific Officer, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  6. Member state overview

    Nicole van Straten Nicole van Straten
    Manager Scientific Assessment and Advice, Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb)
  7. Industry feedback on the implementation of the BPR

    Elodie Cazelle Elodie Cazelle
    Senior Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products, A.I.S.E.
    Camelia Mihai Camelia Mihai
    Team Lead Biocides, Biocides For Europe, Cefic, Belgium
  8. Q&A and panel discussion

  9. Break

  10. Session 2: Biocides enforcement
  11. Updates from the BPR subgroup of the Forum (BPRS) and BEF2

    Eugen Anwander Eugen Anwander
    Senior Scientific Officer, Institute for Environment and Food Safety, Vorarlberg State Service, Austria & Chair of Echa BPR Enforcement Forum, Finland
  12. Biocides enforcement in the Netherlands

    • Legislative framework  
    • Division of responsibilities                                                       
    • Enforcement organisation(s)  
    • Enforcement tools 
    • Enforcement reality in the Netherlands 
      • some figures and examples
    • Developments   
    • Wishful thinking from an enforcement point of view   
    Jabik de Boer Jabik de Boer
    Senior Inspector, Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate
  13. Interaction with the UK authorities, including authorisation and enforcement aspects

    • Routes to market 
    • Key processes 
    • Case examples 
    • Challenges 
    • How regulatory authorities approach enforcement in the UK 
    • What to do if you are selected for inspection/investigation 
    • Hot topics 
    Richard Bishop Richard Bishop
    Operations Director & Principal Consultant, TSG Consulting
    Philippa O’Donovan Philippa O’Donovan
    Senior Biocides Consultant, TSG Consulting
  14. BPR enforcement and Italian national legislation

    • Domestic BPR enforcement: Italian decree 179/2021 – short description and comment
    • Use of criminal law by the domestic implementing regime
    • Existing domestic disinfectants legislation: a permanent parallel regime to certain authorised biocidal products
    • Final evaluations 
    Giovanna Landi Giovanna Landi
    Lawyer, Landilex Law Firm
  15. Q&A and panel discussion

  16. Lunch and Chemical Watch demo 13.40-14.10

  17. Session 3: Regulatory processes
  18. Biocidal product family (BPF) authorisation in Germany: between the lines, essentials and pitfalls

    • Purpose of the BPF definition  
    • Overall authorisation process for BPFs in Germany 
    • Differences between biocidal product (BP) and BPF assessment highlighting the reasons behind certain approaches 


    Thilo Walther Thilo Walther
    Scientific Officer, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Federal Office for Chemicals
  19. Biocidal product families with quats: opportunities and challenges

    • Quats are likely to be big families because many products on the market are similar and have similar uses 
    • Possible challenges for these families: 
      • Identification of a backbone composition 
      • Complicated grouping strategy 
      • Presence of co-formulants with a biocidal function 
      • Similarity 
      • Definition of a worst-case scenario for efficacy 
    Daniela Romano Daniela Romano
    Senior Consultant for Biocidal Products, knoell Germany GmbH
  20. Current and future status of regulations for antifouling coatings globally

    • How are antifouling coatings regulated? 
    • Balance with the goals and regulations for effective biofouling control 
    • Global, regional and country regulations 
    • Recent environmental concerns 
    • Trends and the future of antifouling and biofouling regulations  

    Authors Neal Blossom (presenter) and Dr Colin Anderson 

    Neal Blossom Neal Blossom
    Director of Quality Assurance and Global Regulatory Affairs, American Chemet Corporation, Chairman of the American Chemistry Council Copper Antimicrobial Task Force
  21. Q&A and panel discussion

  22. Break

  23. Session 4: Efficacy updates
  24. PT 19 efficacy guidance update: highlights of significant changes and applicability

    • Why a separate chapter for PT 19 efficacy assessment? 
    • What is new for PT 19 efficacy assessment? 
    • What does the future hold for PT 19 efficacy assessment? 
    Ute Trauer-Kizilelma Ute Trauer-Kizilelma
    Scientific Officer, German Environment Agency (UBA)
  25. Emerging CEN methods, updates to Echa EFF guidance and and Ecolab experience of efficacy portion of BPF

    • Overview of new methods under recent development within CEN  
    • Overview of upcoming guidance from Echa BPC EFF WG 
    • Brief recap of BPF efficacy approach and recent experiences from industry perspective 
    Meredith Theelen Meredith Theelen
    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ecolab, Netherlands
  26. Emerging pathogens: the latest efficacy testing developments, requirements and technologies under FIFRA

    • Quantitative disinfection method (QM) 
    • Quantitative towelette method (QTM) 
    • Electrostatic sprayer (ESS) guidance 
    • Soft surface disinfection  
    • Residual hard surface methods 
    • Brief updates – viral, C. auris, air treatment 
    Rhonda Jones Rhonda Jones
    Chief Executive Officer, Scientific & Regulatory Consultants
  27. Q&A and panel discussion

  28. End of day 1

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