Day 2, 12 May 

Timings are in BST (British Summer Time) 

  1. Welcome and introduction

  2. Session 5: The assessment of endocrine disrupting (ED) chemicals
  3. Update at national level: France’s second national strategy and regulation for EDs

    Constantin Dallot Constantin Dallot
    Toxicologist, Head of Toxicology Unit, SOCOTEC Environment
  4. Implementing alternative test methods for endocrine testing strategies

    Gregory Lemkine Gregory Lemkine
    CEO, Watchfrog Laboratory
  5. Endocrine disruptors and other substances of concern (SoC): challenges and limits in biocidal product authorisation

    • SoC and ED: definition and regulation 
    • Impact on product authorisation  
    • Case study and/or examples 
    • Best practice in BPR process: lessons learned and open issues 
    Linda Musitelli Linda Musitelli
    Biodical Product Senior Consultant, Eurofins Biolab, Italy
  6. Experiences in the screening and assessment of ED properties with special emphasis on non-active substances

    • ED screening of co-formulants: approaches and tips 
    • ED assessment of disinfection by-products: impact on active substance approval and biocidal product authorisation 
    • Proposal for separate ED classification: harmonisation needs with a view to potential double classification 
    Michael Werner Michael Werner
    Managing Director, Prosacon GmbH, Germany
  7. Legal issues: before, during and after ED assessments

    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner, Barrister & Avocat, Steptoe International (UK) LLP
    Hannah Widemann Hannah Widemann
    Senior Associate, Chemical and Life Sciences, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
  8. Q&A and panel discussion

  9. Lunch

  10. Session 6: Sustainable use of biocides
  11. Closing regulatory gaps for the use phase of biocides in the EU

    • Analysing gaps in the regulation of the use-phase of biocides
    • Regulatory requirements
    • Existing national solutions 
    Stefanie Wieck Stefanie Wieck
    Scientific Employee, Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  12. New biocide provisions in Germany: a step towards sustainable use?

    • New German biocidal products ordinance 
    • Risk mitigation measures in specific protected areas 
    • NGO evaluation and recommendations  
    Susanne Smolka Susanne Smolka
    Senior Policy Advisor Biocides/Pesticides, Pesticide Action Network Germany (PAN Germany)
  13. Source-control measures for reducing biocide leach from building materials

    Michael Burkhardt Michael Burkhardt
    Head of Institute, Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Environmental and Process Engineering (UMTEC)
  14. Maximising EU pollinator protection and minimising biocides risks

    Noa Simon-Delso, Scientific Director and Project Manager, BeeLife, European Beekeeping Coordination 

  15. Q&A and panel discussion

  16. Break

  17. Session 7: How can we stimulate innovation under the BPR?
  18. Commission perspective on how to stimulate innovation in the biocides sector

    Eric Liegeois Eric Liegeois
    Policy Officer Pesticides, EU Commission – SANTE – Unit E.4
    Vincent Delvaux Vincent Delvaux
    Assistant Policy Officer, European Commission
  19. Corporate view on what might stimulate innovation under the BPR

    Mike Freemantle Mike Freemantle
    Director Global Active Ingredient Management & Emerging Markets, Arxada
  20. SME view on what might stimulate innovation under the BPR

    Cecilia Ohlauson Cecilia Ohlauson
    Head of Regulatory Affairs, I-Tech AB, Sweden
  21. A look over the edge into the microbiome

    Larry Weiss Larry Weiss
    CEO and Founder, Weiss Bioscience, Inc.
  22. Q&A and panel discussion: How can we stimulate innovation under the BPR?

    Additional panellists:

    Simón Gutiérrez Alonso Simón Gutiérrez Alonso
    Scientific Officer, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
    Nicole van Straten Nicole van Straten
    Manager Scientific Assessment and Advice, Dutch Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides (Ctgb)
  23. End of conference

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