Event overview

This one-hour webinar is part of the Global Outlook 2022 webinar series, which includes important recent regulatory updates in North, Central and Latin America. Chemical Watch experts will also provide a forecast for what to look out for in these regions in 2022 and beyond.

Topics covered include:

  • US hot topics, including state-level trends and TSCA activities;
  • updates on GHS 7 implementation in the US and Canada
  • Canadian hot topics, including plastic packaging initiatives and CEPA developments;
  • Latin America (LATAM) and its International Commitments Overview, including conventions, GHS adoption, Mercosur, and more; and
  • current regulatory landscape (2022) by LATAM country, covering national chemical management systems, applications (cosmetics, healthcare and more) and sustainability issues (single-use plastics, waste). 


  • Melanie Rybar – Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch
  • Dr. Sofia Montalvão – Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

Watch the session here:

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