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3E delivers intelligent compliance solutions that empower companies around the globe to reduce risk, drive continuous improvement and create new growth opportunities. 3E has set the standard for combining regulatory expertise and enriched global compliance content and transforming it into actionable intelligence to enhance chemical and workplace safety, product safety and stewardship, supply chain stewardship and research and development support.
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NCEC Ricardo

With nearly 50 years’ experience, and a global customer base including over 50% of the world’s top 100 chemical companies, the NCEC supports organisations across the chemical supply chain in achieving worldwide chemical regulatory compliance. We have developed an in-depth knowledge of the global chemical marketplace and this expertise places us in a unique position to support our customers in managing chemical risk. Our regulatory insight and international networks inform our complete global reg
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REACH Global Services

REACH Global Services, headquartered in Brussels, is a professional regulatory consulting company providing services since 2008, advising >500 clients in the chemicals and allied industries to comply with the chemicals legislations in EU and non-EU countries. RGS with experienced team of consultants offers OR and RP services for non-EU manufacturers to comply with EU REACH and Cosmetics Regulations as well as regulatory compliance support in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.
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For more than 30 years, customers have relied on UL to meet the chemical compliance requirements of government, NGOs, retailers and consumer organisations, while protecting confidential product information. To accomplish this, we constantly monitor and analyse the regulatory landscape to assess and interpret the implications to the supply chain.
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As a leading expert in registration, authorisation and notification of chemical substances, inside and outside the EU, REACHLaw provides chemical regulatory compliance and sustainability solutions. REACHLaw helps companies to gain market access for their chemical products and supports them with different chemical regulations such as EU REACH & CLP, Turkey KKDIK, SEA and GBF, UK REACH, Eurasia REACH, India REACH, K-REACH and many more.
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Trade Wind

Trade Wind supports companies and organizations who deal with chemicals in creating and maintaining a safe working environment and in meeting the related legal requirements. They sell software for drawing up SDSs, Workplace Instruction Cards, Labels, ReaCh Volume Tracking, Incident Management, Exposures, maintaining the Hazardous Substances Register, etc. In addition they offer a highly effective and efficient internet application for distributing SDSs to customers.
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