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  1. Coffee and registration


    Moderator: David Dillon, Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

    David Dillon David Dillon
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Chemical Watch

    Welcome and introduction

  4. Session 1: Enforcement of European chemicals legislation in the context of the REACH and CLP revisions
  5. Update from Echa’s Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement

    • Overview of Forum activities 
    • Zero tolerance for non-compliance 
    • Strengthening the Forum's role  
    Katja vom Hofe Katja vom Hofe
    Chair, The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement
  6. How to align REACH with best enforcement practices

    Alice Bernard Alice Bernard
    Senior Law and Policy Advisor, ClientEarth
  7. Commission overview including enforcement dimensions of the REACH and CLP revisions

    Harrie Temmink Harrie Temmink
    Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission, DG GROW (REACH unit)
  8. Industry perspectives on improving enforcement and market surveillance

    • How to reconcile the chemicals strategy for sustainability’s aims to speed up regulatory action on chemical legislation and strengthen market surveillance through a 'zero tolerance approach to non-compliance' 
    • Data from Rapex/EU Safety Gate show that we still have an issue enforcing current legislation, and this is becoming more complex due to popularity of online sales 
    Dunja Drmač Dunja Drmač
    Chemicals Legislation (REACH) Manager, Cefic
  9. Update from Echa’s Unit Support and Enforcement

    • What did we learn from 15 years Forum of enforcement?
    • Looking forward for the next 15 years! 
    • How to exchange better with all our stakeholders?
    Erwin Annys Erwin Annys
    Head of Unit Support and Enforcement, Echa, Finland
  10. Q&A and panel discussion

    The implementation of the enforcement chapter of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability with its ambition of ‘zero tolerance to non-compliance'

    • In the context of the ongoing REACH and CLP revisions and the CSS, what is and is not working in terms of cross-EU enforcement?  
    • How to achieve ‘zero tolerance for non-compliance'? 
    • An EU audit system for regular REACH controls in member states?
    • How to strengthen the REACH-OSH interlink? 
    • How to build a chemicalswaste interlink?  
  11. Refreshments

  12. Session 2: Appeals procedures
  13. An update of recent Echa Board of Appeal decisions

    Member of the Board of Appeal, European Chemicals Agency 

  14. First tier tribunal remedies – a new route to challenge UK authorities

    Darren Abrahams Darren Abrahams
    Partner - Chemical and Life Sciences, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
    Simon Tilling Simon Tilling
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, UK
  15. Q&A

  16. Lunch

  17. Session 3: Current core enforcement updates
  18. REF-11 updates

    • A brief look at the amended Annex II of REACH, the trigger for REF-11 
    • Project scope and objectives
    • Expected outcome of the project
    • Project timeline 
    Abdulqadir Suleiman Abdulqadir Suleiman
    Chief Specialist, Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway
  19. The scope of, and Swedish experiences with, REF-10 and other national enforcement projects

    • Scope of REF-10 integrated product control 
    • Examples of integrated control of articles in Sweden (summer articles and home electronics) 
    Karin Rumar Karin Rumar
    Strategic Advisor and Inspector, Swedish Chemicals Agency
  20. Ongoing enforcement projects anticipating the CSS

    Eugen Anwander Eugen Anwander
    Senior Scientific Officer, Institute for Environment and Food Safety, Vorarlberg State Service, Austria & Chair of Echa BPR Enforcement Forum, Finland
  21. UK enforcement developments

    • Divergence 
    • Online sales/market surveillance in GB 
    • Proactive enforcement plans 
    Mike Potts Mike Potts
    Senior Enforcement Officer, Chemicals Regulation Division, Health and Safety Executive, UK
  22. Industry reflections on the enforcement of market surveillance

    • REACH4textiles updates and early findings to help market surveillance for large volume consumer goods 
    • Industry self-regulatory measures vs REACH 
    • Enforceability concerns relating to upcoming REACH restrictions 
    Mauro Scalia Mauro Scalia
    Director, Sustainable Business, Euratex
  23. Reflections on the enforcement of online sales

    • Enforcement case studies 
    • The challenges faced by enforcing authorities  
    • Potential solutions – what should or could be done? 
    Richard Bishop Richard Bishop
    Senior Consultant, TSG Consulting
  24. Q&A and panel discussion on recent Forum enforcement projects, particularly online sales and market surveillance 

    Additional panellist: 

    Lars Vogt, Director EU Policy, Toy Industries of Europe 

  25. Refreshment break

  26. Session 4: Newly emerging enforcement areas related to the CSS
  27. Experiences with the Danish PFAS ban in paper and board food contact materials (FCMs)

    • Introduction to the Danish legislation concerning PFASs in paper and board FCMs 
    • Enforcement of FCM legislation in Denmark – analysis and inspections
    • Recent analytical results for PFASs in paper and board FCMs 
    Charlotte Legind Charlotte Legind
    Environmental Chemist, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
  28. KEMI Enforcement 7/21: PFAS in chemical products and articles

    • Analysis of restricted PFOAs and PFOSs, and unrestricted PFASs
    • Project results and conclusions 
    Karin Rumar Karin Rumar
    Strategic Advisor and Inspector, Swedish Chemicals Agency
  29. Q&A

  30. End of conference