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  1. Welcome


    Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen
    Chief Analyst, Enhesa Product
  2. Updates from Canada

    •  Recent operational changes to established policies and procedures at the New Substances Program
    • Proposed changes of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 and how they will strengthen the foundation for the management of chemicals and other substances in Canada
    • The intent of the Government of Canada to release, in official publications, notifier information claimed as “Confidential Business Information”.
    Dan Bastien Dan Bastien
    Senior Director and Head of Chemicals, Intertek, Canada
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  5. Session 2: Regulatory Updates in Europe
  6. The EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and the Sustainable Products Directive

    Ruxandra Cana Ruxandra Cana
    Partner, Steptoe LLP
  7. The future of the EU REACH Regulation

    • EU REACH: origins and whistle-stop history
    • Why revise it?
    • What will change: one substance one assessment, generic approach to risk management, essential use, grouping, reform of authorisation and restriction, Member State enforcement…
    • A look to the future
    Peter Sellar Peter Sellar
    Partner, EU Regulatory, Fieldfisher Brussels
  8. EU and UK Divergence

    • Same rules, different decisions: divergence due to regulatory decision-making 
    • Regulatory reform to deliver ‘Brexit opportunities’: divergence due to UK legislative changes  
    • Same destination, different speeds: divergence due to the EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability 
    Simon Tilling Simon Tilling
    Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, UK
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  10. Lunch

  11. Platform demonstration: Chemical Watch’s Professional Development Membership

    Professional Development Membership can help you to stay ahead of ever-evolving risks, continuously upskill and share best practices with peers by providing you with year-round online access to Chemical Watch's world-leading events. Join our short demo to see how the platform works and how you can get the most out of the membership.

    Ryan McErlean Ryan McErlean
    Global Head of Marketing, Chemical Watch
  12. Session 3: Regulatory Updates from Asia
  13. China: Chemical Control Updates

    Mark Thompson Mark Thompson
    Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP, USA
  14. Current status and issues experienced in Korean chemical regulations

    • K-REACH lessons learned from 2021 registration
    • Rules and recent changes of K-REACH
    • MSDS submission requirements according to the amended Occupational Safety and Health Act
    Gayoung Lee Gayoung Lee
    Managing Director, knoell Korea Ltd.
  15. Regulatory Updates from Taiwan

    • Amendment to existing and new chemical substances registration in 2021
    • Extension to 106 existing chemical substances registration deadline
    • Other chemical-related developments (concern chemical substances, safety data sheets and labeling, and chemical restrictions on asbestos and polyvinylchloride)
    Chia-Chen (Evelyn) Chuang Chia-Chen (Evelyn) Chuang
    Expert Team Lead, Enhesa
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  18. Regulatory Updates from Japan

    Providing insights for the imminent shift from a regulated chemical management system to an autonomous system 

    • Impact on GHS classification, labelling and SDS delivery
    • Risk assessment and management of hazardous chemical substances 
    • chemical substance inventory updates 
    • the implications for companies going forward 

    Reorganization of the Positive list of FCM  

    • how does the draft revised list look like  
    Sok-Han Ng Sok-Han Ng
    Senior Regulatory and Compliance Analyst, Enhesa Product
  19. India REACH: Updates of the Indian Chemical Management and Safety Rules (CMSR)

    • Chemical regulatory framework in India and its relations with the ICMSR
    • The overall approach of the system established un the ICMSR
    • Notification, Registration, and Restriction of Substances
    • Compliance obligations for different substance categories
    • Compliance strategies for Indian and oversea companies
    Dr Jess Chia-Sui Hsu Dr Jess Chia-Sui Hsu
    Regulatory Manager, GPC Taiwan
  20. Regulatory Updates from Turkey - KKDIK

    • Turkey KKDIK in Brief - Basic requirements, timelines and tools
    • KKDIK Registration and Status Today - Lead and Co-registrants, reuse of existing data and where are we now
    • Challenges and way forward - Lack of lead registrants and activities, deadlines and how to manage
    Frederik Johanson Frederik Johanson
    Partner, Sales, REACHLaw, Finland
  21. Elsewhere in Asia - Round Up

    • Thailand – The amendment of the Hazardous Substance Act, new criteria of the List 5.6 declaration, and the inventory 
    • Indonesia – Chemical Management Regulation: current status 
    • Malaysia – Proposed changes for the new CLASS Regulation 202X 
    • Others – Regulatory updates for Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam 
    Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai Piyatida (Tung) Pukclai
    Asia-Pacific Business Development & Regulatory Policy Lead, knoell, Thailand
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