1. Keynote  Keynote address: How the EU can promote sustainable substitution

    • REACH classification, authorisation and restriction promote the use of safer chemicals
    • ECHA’s planned strategy for sustainable, meaningful and cost-effective substitution

    Matti Vainio Matti Vainio
    Professor of Practice in Green Transition, University of Helsinki
  2. Session 4: EU Chemicals Policy
  3. REACH review 2017

    Giuseppina Luvara Giuseppina Luvara
    Policy Officer, DG Env, EU COM
  4. Human Biomonitoring for Europe (HBM4EU)

    • Joint effort of 26 countries, the European Environment Agency and the European Commission
    • Main aim to coordinate and advance human biomonitoring in Europe to provide
      ○ better evidence of actual exposure of citizens to chemicals
      ○ possible health effects to support policy making
    • So far prioritisation exercise to identify those substances to be the focus of activities
    • 2017 to 2021 research to respond dynamically to policy needs
    Britta Hedlund Britta Hedlund
    Senior Advisor, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  5. A horizontal look at hazardous chemicals: an EU Ecolabel perspective

    • Brief introduction to the the requirement on horizontal hazardous substance criteria in the EU Ecolabel Regulation (Articles 6(6) and 6(7))
    • Examples of EU Ecolabel requirements on hazardous chemicals for different product groups
    • Outstanding issues with the application of the EU Ecolabel requirements regarding hazardous chemicals
    • Potential impact of REFIT conclusions on the future interpretation of Articles 6(6) and 6(7), possible solutions and follow up actions
    Shane Donatello Shane Donatello
    Research Fellow, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  6. Q&A

  7. Refreshments

  8. Session 5: Alternatives to hazardous chemicals: Innovation, demand and visibility - Examples from ChemSec Marketplace
  9. ChemSec Marketplace - the dating site for safe alternatives

    • ChemSec and the ChemSec business group
    • Why substitution makes a good business case
    • The need for visibility of alternatives
    • The idea behind the Marketplace and its first year
    • Future of the Marketplace

    Anna Lennquist Anna Lennquist
    Senior Toxicologist, ChemSec
  10. Alternatives Development via Safety By Design: from concept to performance

    • Combining substitutes for BPA in the synthesis of epoxy
    • Effective use of Safety By Design
    • Transparency and outreach to stakeholders
    • Collaboration and the search for answers
    • The Marketplace and trust

    Thomas R Mallen Thomas R Mallen
    Global Director, Packaging Regulatory Affairs, The Valspar Corporation
  11. From academic research within green chemistry to an industrial company

    • Developing products from academic ideas
    • Creating demand of green products
    • Creating visibility in the market place

    Marten Hellberg Marten Hellberg
    CEO, OrganoClick
  12. The journey to sustainable flame retardants for plastics

    • Halogen free FR development
    • Phosphorus based products
    • Sustainability rating
    • Life cycle aspects

  13. Q&A

  14. Lunch

  15. Session 6: Significant developments within Nordic authorities
  16. Nordic Countries’ Co-operation and Joint Projects

    • Introduction of the Nordic Environmental Action Plan 2013-2018
    • Organization of the Nordic Chemical Group Successful cooperation within the Nordic Countries
    • Icelandic Environment Authority
    Heidrun Guðmundsdóttir Heidrun Guðmundsdóttir
    Coordinator for the Nordic Chemical Group, Environment Agency, Iceland
  17. KEMI: New initiatives in Sweden to search for chemicals and identify potential problems

    • Survey to identify unregulated chemicals in products
    • A national coordination group for chemical safety (SamTox) to ensure a rapid response to emerging chemical threats

    Chemicals Agency, Sweden (tbc)

  18. Introduction to the new IT system of the Product Registry in Denmark

    • The purpose of this new system
    • The process of making this new system
    • Demonstration of some of the functionalities
    Susanne Hoyer Susanne Hoyer
    Project Manager, Working Environmental Authority
  19. TUKES: KemiDigi – Digitalization and Utilization of Chemical Data in Finland

    • What Kemidigi is all about?
    • Information collected to KemiDigi and how it will be utilized
    • The process of preparing KemiDigi and the parties involved
    Minna Valtavaara Minna Valtavaara
    Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency
  20. Q&A

  21. Refreshments

  22. Session 7: Nordic industry round-table - focus on their innovations
  23. Nordic company representatives give a short introductory presentation followed by a Q&A session

    Panel includes:

    Bernd Friede Bernd Friede
    Product Stewardship Manager, Elkem
    Jes Faltum Jes Faltum
    Director, Environmental Product Innovation, LEGO
    Marten Hellberg Marten Hellberg
    CEO, OrganoClick
    Amit Paul Amit Paul
    Managing Director, Paxymer
  24. Final Q&A

  25. Close of Summit

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