Meet the upcoming global PFAS restrictions with confidence

Product developers worldwide are looking for innovative, sustainable production practices, packaging materials and methods to properly screen and assess chemical ingredients in their products. This search is driven by the global PFAS restrictions and the EU Green Deal, including the Restrictions Roadmap which could see the ban of up to 12,000 potentially dangerous chemicals. 

Brands and their suppliers have many challenges to meet market demand for more sustainable products - sourcing quality materials and ingredients, packaging that reduces environmental impacts, optimising the use of water, energy and other natural resources. With so many boxes to tick, companies need cost-effective and efficient resources to screen chemical formulations and to find safer alternatives. 

Over the past 14+ years, Scivera has worked with numerous large consumer product brands and their supply chains, and has seen a huge shift in how companies are looking at sustainability, how chemistry fits into sustainability initiatives and circularity, and in the status quo of chemicals management. 

Join this webinar to find out how to:

  • choose safer chemicals as part of your product development process;
  • avoid regrettable substitutions;
  • predict future restricted substances;
  • meet your customers' green chemistry initiatives and certification requirements;
  • stand out from your competitors; and
  • protect suppliers' proprietary formulation information.

Watch the session here: